10 Fastest Bowlers In History

10 of the fastest bowlers in the world who’s speed was officially accepted in ICC recognized matches.

10. Dale Steyn

vs Kolkata Knight Riders (2010, Eden Garden,Kolkata)

Dale Steyn fastest bowler in cricket currently playing

Speed: 156.2 km/h
Dale Steyn has been number 1 test bowler for last several years and he is known for his compact line & length than sheer pace. He bowled a record 155.7 km/h speed against New Zealand in 2009 but he later broke his own record by bowling at 156.2 km/h in the IPL game against Kolkata Knight Riders in 2010.

9. Shane Bond

vs India (2003, Centurion)

Shane Bond Fastest bowler from New Zealand

Speed: 156.4 km/h
A versatile fast bowler with a smooth run-up and bowling action, Shane Bond was a constant threat to batsman all over the world but like many other genuine fast bowlers his career was plagued by injuries but when fit he was quite a sight. He fastest bowl is recorded at 156.2 kmph in South Africa during world cup 2003.

8. Muhammad Sami

vs Zimbabwe (2003, Sharjah)

Mohammad Sami 2nd fastest Bowler from Pakistan

Speed: 156.4 km/h
Another fast bowler another similar tale, a talented young man with a very short cricket career. Muhammad Sami rose to fame when Wasim and Waqar retired. He was genuine fast bowler but often missed his line and length in pursuit speed. His fastest bowl was recorded at 156.4 kmph against Zimbabwe in UAE.

7. Mitchell Johnson

vs England (2013, Melbourne)

Mitchell Johnson fastest Ball against England in Ashes 2013

Speed: 156.8 km/h
Mitchel Johnson career was going nowhere but he turned all around in the recent Ashes series in Australia where he bamboozled English batsman with his raw pace and aggression and recorded his fastest ball at 156.8 kmph in the 4th Ashes test. That series was kind of turning point in his career and now he is widely regarded as one of the best fast bowlers currently active.

6. Fidel Edwards

vs South Africa (2003, Wanderers)

Fidel Edwards fastest Ball recorded at 157.7 kmph

Speed: 157.7 km/h
Another West Indies bowler but from the current crop, Edwards is frustratingly inconsistent but he consistently bowls fast and recorded his fastest delivery at the speed of 157.7 km/h during ODI game against South Africa in 2003 which kind of put him the limelight. But since then he has failed to achieve the hype surrounding his speed.

5. Andy Roberts

vs Australia (1975, WACA)

Speed: 159.5 km/h
Tall West Indies bowler in the golden generation of West Indies cricket Andy Roberts was part of a formidable West Indies bowling units. They were all fast but Andy Roberts stood out with his speed and many batsmen of his generation regard him one of the fastest they have ever faced. His fastest bowl is recorded at the speed of 159.5 km/h which 99.11 miles/h.

4. Jeffrey Thompson

Recorded  160 km/h in the “1976 fast bowling study conducted at WACA Ground

Jeffrey Thompson fastest Ball record broken by Shoaib Akhtar in 2003

Speed: 160.6 km/h
Now this can be controversial because it’s hard to believe there was precise enough instrument to record bowling speeds in 1976 but he was definitely the fastest bowlers of his era. Apparently, he recorded the fastest bowling speed in world cricket of 160.6 km/h in the nets back in 1976 when a fast bowling study was conducted.

3. Shaun Tait

vs England (2010, Lord’s)

Shaun Tait fastest Australian bowler un official match

Speed: 161.1 km/h

Another Australia name in the list is Shaun Tait, whose career was short lived but was fun while it lasted. He was not your average tall bowler with orthodox round arm bowling action but he could really hit the deck hard with his pace and skiddy bowling line and length. He recorded 160.7 km/h bowling speed against Pakistan in the ODI game in Australia.

2. Bret Lee

vs New Zealand (2005, Napier)

Speed: 161.1 km/h

Along with Shoaib Akhtar, Australian fast bowler Brett Lee was at the peak of his powers during his career and he terrorized batsman all over the cricketing world reaching over 150 km/h consistently. He became the second bowler in history to record 100 miles per speed during 2005 ODI game against New Zealand when he recorded 161.1 km/h (100.1 miles/ph). Reaching one off top speed is one thing, but what made Shoaib Akhtar and Brett Lee the fastest bowlers was the fact they could consistently produce speeds of around 150 km/h during their careers unlike the other the names on the list.

1. Shoaib Akhtar

vs England (2003, Newlands)

Shoaib Akhtar Fastest Ball In History of Cricket all time

Speed: 161.3 km/h
There are fastest bowlers and then there is Shoaib Akhtar, he consistently bowled over 150 km/h in his career albeit a short one and reached a world record speed during World Cup 2003 against England when his produced a 161.3 km/h speed of a bowl to English batsman Nick Knight. He became the first bowler to reach the speed of 100 miles an hour in official ICC match.


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