10 Most Stunningly Colorful Places On Earth

This beautiful and mysterious planet is full of amazing places. They might look like something out of a dream but they actually exist.
Here are 10 insanely colorful and no doubt beautiful places in the world that you must visit.

10. Mendenhall Ice Caves – Alaska


The Mendenhall Glacier is a popular tourist attraction in Juneau, Alaska. Due to global warming, the glacier has started to melt creating surreal, turquoise-toned ice caves beneath it. However, it is not easy to reach the caves so not many tourists get to see the spectacular view.

9. Canola Fields of Luoping – China


Luoping County in China is famous for its fields of canola flowers. Every year in spring the fields turn into the vibrant sea of gold.

8. Lake Retba – Senegal


Lake Retba is a natural lake near Senegal. The lake is very close to the Atlantic Ocean and has a very high salt content. This lake has a distinct bubblegum pink color due to the presence of a bacteria called Dunaliella salina.

7. Daigo-ji Temple – Japan


Daigo-ji Temple was established the 9th century and has been declared a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. It’s a historic landmark comprised of three different sections and is known for the shades of rich red color that envelop the scene around it.

6. Procida – Italy


The small island of Procida of the coast of Naples has a volcanic origin. This beautiful place full of lemon groves and pastel-hued houses is memorably picturesque.

5. Antelope Canyon – Arizona


Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon formed by erosion of Navajo Sandstone. It is extremely beautiful, with just the right combination of depth, width, length, rock color and ambient light making it mesmerizing.

4. Caño Cristales – Colombia


Caño Cristales is known as The River of Five Colors or the Liquid Rainbow due to the vibrant natural display of red, blue, yellow, orange and green colors. This only happens for a brief period in between seasons due to an endemic aquatic plant called macarenia clavigera.

3. Tulip Fields – The Netherlands


The Netherlands is known as the land of tulips. During the month of spring, the tulip blossoms cover huge fields in the countryside making them look like a painted canvas.

2. Yuanyang Terraces – China


The terraced fields across Yuanyang County in China are breathtaking. They have unique shapes and sizes forming a mosaic of colorful and breathtaking landscapes of natural beauty.

1. Grand Prismatic Spring – United States


Grand Prismatic Spring in Wyoming is the third largest hot spring in the world. It’s magnificent and displays a simply dazzling array of colors that change throughout the seasons.


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