100 Years Ago, This Is What Artists Imagined Today’s World Would Be Like

As humans, we’ve strived to enhance our living and working environment over the course of our existence. We have witnessed numerous moments over the years that have changed things around us and the speed of this evolution is so high that the environment we live in today unrecognizable from that which existed just a century ago. The internet is a great example of the same.

However, there was a trend during the end of the nineteenth century which allowed European artists to predict the future and illustrate it. Those illustrations were then hidden inside cigarette packs and chocolate boxes. Today, we would like to share a series of those illustrations with you guys and see if we have achieved what our ancestors thought we would.

Aerial Firemen

While we may not have aerial fireman to rescue people from fire, wearing wingsuits, we do have smoke jumpers in today’s time.

Smoke Jumpers are wildland firefighters are capable of reaching a wildfire when it is still relatively small and extinguishing the blaze before it becomes a problem to the public.

Electric Scrubbing

Well, we have a more advanced, motor-powered version floor cleaning machines today.

Calls Not Dependent On Distance

It’s a technology we have been using for years now, no?

A Very Busy Farmer

Damn the levers, we have buttons to controls things everywhere, in the farms too.

A Race In The Pacific

Well, this one looks tough, especially riding on eels.

The New-Frangled Barber

Since the industrial revolution was a big part of the 19th century, artists imagined that we would have technologies in future that would let barbers instruct a machine a do their job. But are we even close to anything like this?

And wait, they had more extensive planning for women

A Whale-Bus

Do we really want this?

A Croquet Party

These artists really had a thing for being underwater!

Fishing for Seagulls

Now that’s some wild imagination!

An Aerial Battle

Now, this is accurate.   

But this one is too far-fetched.

A few hits and some misses, these predictions were indeed fun, no?

A really interesting one from Being Indian – http://www.beingindian.com/good-reads/100-years-ago-this-is-what-artists-imagined-todays-world-would-be-like


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