8 Successful Startups

It was once considered for a startup to cross $1 billion to be a rare event but these 8 startups have proven and become the most valued private businesses. 8.

Top 5 Companies with the Most Patents 2013

5. Microsoft Corp. No. of Patents(2013): 2,660 Country: USA Category: Computer Services 4. Sony Corp. No. of Patents(2013): 3,098 Country: Japan Category: Consumer Electronics 3. Canon Inc. No. of Patents(2013): 3,825

10 Richest Nations In The World

A list of the 10 richest nations on the planet based on the GDP(Gross Domestic Product) at PPP(Purchasing Power Parity) per capita. 10. Saudi Arabia GDP (PPP): $51,924 per capita

20 Largest Banks In The World

Banks are easy to hate, but they remain among the largest and most powerful companies on Earth. Here are the Top 20 largest banks in the world. 1. Industrial and

Top 5 Richest Men Of All Time

If you check out the current list of the richest people in the world here, you’ll find that the wealthiest today aren’t so wealthy compared to the richest people of all time.

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