10 Animals That Are Huge

Planet Earth is full of creatures big and small. Some, however, are massive in terms of either size, weight or height. Take a look at these ginormous living wonders of


5 Largest Libraries In The World

Libraries are a place where books, magazines, videos, musical recordings and other materials are available for people to use or borrow.Some love them and some downright hate them but they have


10 Most Valuable Brands In The World

10. GE Brand Value: $36.7 B General Electric (GE) is an American multinational conglomerate corporation was formed through the merger of Edison General Electric Company and Thomson-Houston Electric Company in

Top 10 Cleanest Countries In The World

10. Singapore Singapore is considered clean and green country despite rapid infrastructural development due to the high awareness of its citizens towards cleanliness. Singapore has strict waste management laws and

10 Amazing Zoos From Around The World

10. Wellington Zoo, North Island, New Zealand Wellington zoo is situated on a sprawling 32-acres land making it New Zealand’s biggest zoo. It is a home for more than 500

10 Fastest Mammals

At the top speed of 48.28km/h, Usain Bolt may be the fastest human. but he has got nothing on the speedsters of the animal kingdom. Here are the 10 fastest

10 Largest Lakes By Surface Area

10. Great Slave Lake Surface Area: 28,930 km² This Canadian lake is also the 8th deepest lake in the world and the deepest lake in North America. 9. Lake Malawi Surface

List Of Most Expensive Paintings

10. Woman III by Willem de Kooning (1953) Original Price: $137.5 Million Adjusted Price: $161.4 Million Date of Sale: November 18, 2006 9. No. 5, 1948 by Jackson Pollock (1948)

5 Animals Sent To Outer Space

5. Sam – Rhesus Monkey (male) Country: USA Sent On: Dec 4th, 1959 4. Otvazhnaya – Samoyed Husky (female) Country: USSR Sent On: July 2, 1959 3. Able – Rhesus

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