Top 5 Tallest Mountains In Europe

5. Mount Bazar Dyuzi Part of The Caucasus Mountains Located: Azerbaijan Height: 4,466 m 4. Mount Rosa Mount Rosa Part of The Alps Located: Switzerland Height: 4,466 m 3. Mount

Amazing Facts About Batman

1. The City of Batman The settlement that became Melbourne(Australia), was founded by a guy named John Batman. Places named after him include Batman’s Hill, Batman Bridge, and Batman Park

6 Most Earth-like Planets

In the search for a different earth, we started looking for planets with similar conditions to that of our  ‘home’. In our vast galaxy scientists have discovered about 2,000 alien planets

10 Most Expensive Private Islands

10. Bird Cay, Bahamas $28 million A 250-acre tropical estate in the Bahamas, it’s just 30 minutes by air from Nassau. The island itself has numerous sandy beaches, spectacular views

World’s 10 Fastest Super-cars

Human beings love speed. The thrill and risk associated with speed are naturally gratifying. Hence we designed cars that can travel at breakneck speeds. Here are world’s 10 fastest supercars.

10 Facts About Shakespeare

It is almost impossible that anyone who has studied The English language doesn’t know who William Shakespeare was. Born to John and Mary Shakespeare on 23rd April 1564 he grew

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