10 Most Expensive Private Islands

10. Bird Cay, Bahamas $28 million A 250-acre tropical estate in the Bahamas, it’s just 30 minutes by air from Nassau. The island itself has numerous sandy beaches, spectacular views

10 Richest Nations In The World

A list of the 10 richest nations on the planet based on the GDP(Gross Domestic Product) at PPP(Purchasing Power Parity) per capita. 10. Saudi Arabia GDP (PPP): $51,924 per capita

10 Tallest Buildings In The World

Few things say that a city or a country has arrived more than a gleaming, awe-inspiring skyscraper. And while the recent economic slump put a considerable dent in some skyscraping

20 Largest Armies In The World

Almost every country in the world has an army that protects it against both external as well as internal forces. When comparing militaries the size of the standing army does

5 Largest Empires Of All Time

Conquering nations and relentlessly expanding their territories has always been a favorite past time of those in power. Whether it was the Romans, Greeks, or Ottomans, it seems that amassing

Top 5 Richest Men Of All Time

If you check out the current list of the richest people in the world here, you’ll find that the wealthiest today aren’t so wealthy compared to the richest people of all time.

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