Kufstein Austria

Sightseeing: Top 10 Things To Do in Kufstein!

Experience the essence of true tourist gem like an Insider, none other than in Kufstein (Austria) itself.

1.Kufstein Fortress


The remarkable essence of Kufstein Fortress dominates the landscape of Kufstein as much today, as it did in 1205. Being Kufstein’s most famous sight, the fortress towers high above the town and is definitely worth visiting.

2. Stollen 1930


They say when you enter in Stollen 1930, you feel as if you have been transported back to the time when everyone in Paris, New York and London was still playing the chansons of the 30’s.

3. Riedal Glas


From 260yrs Riedal factory of kufstein has impeccably preserved the cultural heritage of Austria. It’s manufactured glass holds more occidental history than only wine.

4. Mariastein


On a rock, above the same-named village, Mariastein Castle is enthroned. The accompanying pilgrimage church, built around 1360 AD, has been a popular destination for many pilgrims since the Middle Ages.

5. Kaiserlift- Kufstein


Kaiserlift takes you away further from daily life with its cable cars. At the cusp, it has an untouched paradise of natural reserve that has countless hiking paths, traditional huts & resplendent viewpoints.

6. Hechtsea


The Hechtsea near Kufstein, is a charming body of water at the foot of the Thierberg mountain in the Brandenberg Alps.  A legend has it that there is even a mermaid by the name of “Hechta” living in the lake who appears very rarely.

7. Tischofer Cave


Tischofer cave was certainly known for weapon gathering place in Napoleonic wars. The 40m cave has an impressive primal history of paleo-human inhabitants skulls that are about 27,000 yrs old.

 8. Wildpark Wildbichl


A whole kingdom of wild animals invites you to discover redheads, lynxes, stone blocks, chamois, moufflons & many others in approx.80,000 sq.m.

9. St. Vitus Church


In the city centre at the foot of the mountain, the fortress is from the early 15th century. The oldest furniture pieces, which can be found today in the church, is the high altar of the Tyrolean sculptor Josef Stumpf. 

10. Romerhofgasse


A classic saunter leads along gingerbready Römerhofgasse, a reconstructed medieval lane that looks fresh-minted for a Disney film set with its overhanging arches, lanterns and frescoed facades.



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