10 Animals Known For Smartness

Human beings are not the only intelligent species on this planet. Animals are often smart, crafty and innovative than we often give them credit for. Here are 10 animals that are known for their smartness and problem solving skills.

10. Elephants


Elephants are majestic creatures and are among the world’s most intelligent animals. They have the largest brains of all other land animals. Elephants have a good memory and they can recognize their close companions even after many years. They mourn their dead and are even known to pay respects to skeletons of other elephants. They can also differentiate between human languages and the gender of the person speaking.

9. Orangutans


Orangutans are inarguably one of the most intelligent animals besides humans. They can use tools much like other primates and can learn to wash clothing, bathe themselves, use hammers, brush their teeth, and even use damp rags to cool themselves. They don’t imitate but have a grasp of the reasons behind their actions.

8. Dolphins


Dolphins are very smart mammals. They have the ability to learn from experience and can pass their knowledge onto others. Scientists believe that dolphins call each other by names using clicks and whistles.

7. Crows


Crows are surprisingly intelligent. According to a research, Crows have a reasoning ability rivaling that of a human seven-year-old. They have a very good memory and can remember and recognize faces. They even hold grudges. Crows can use simple tools such as twigs to complete tasks, which is rare in the animal kingdom.

6. Pigs


Pigs have cognitive capabilities to many domestic animals. Pigs love to play games and solve puzzles and can even outsmart each other in order to get the most food.

5. Dogs


Dogs are considered man’s best friend and rightly so. They are loyal and can learn multiple tricks. They display emotions such as fear, happiness, anger and disgust and can also read human emotions. Dogs can count and have some understanding of basic arithmetic.

4. Chimpanzees


Chimpanzees or chimps are closely related to human beings and therefore share similar traits such as self-recognition, use of tools and feeling empathy and sadness. They also have a better memory and can analyze the situation they are in.

3. Rats


Rats may not have complex brains as humans but they handle problems with similarity-based categorization strategy and can learn new tricks. Rats make good pets and as they are social animals they seek companionship or other rats or humans. Rats display many of the same emotions as humans, such as loneliness, anxiety, depression and stress.

2. Octopuses


Octopuses have the largest brains of any invertebrate and are possibly the most intelligent non-vertebrates on Earth. They love problem solving and get bored very easily. They also show evidence of long and short-term memory. They learn by observing and can use objects as tools.

1. Raccoons


Raccoons are extremely adaptable and smart, they’re expert problem solvers and love challenges. They can squeeze into locked garages, open secured garbage cans, unzip tents, and pry up lids on Tupperware. Even though they are called “Urban Bandits” and considered a nuisance they have adapted and flourished in the urban environment where others have perished.


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