Top 10 Cleanest Countries In The World

10. Singapore


Singapore is considered clean and green country despite rapid infrastructural development due to the high awareness of its citizens towards cleanliness. Singapore has strict waste management laws and people are punished severely for littering and similar offence.

9. Cuba


Cuba is a small and developing country with high standards of cleanliness. Cuba has an impressive sanitation and public health due to the active involvement of the Cuban government and citizens.

8. Austria


Austria is a small landlocked country with incredibly varied and magnificent landscapes. The country follows strict rules and mandates regarding, air pollution, greenhouse gas emission and practices for ensuring a clean and green environment. Plantation is encouraged and aided by the government. It is among the top recyclers in the world.

7. France


France is a neat and clean country despite its considerable population. This captivating and romantic country has unpolluted air and clean water. There are many gardens and citizens take great care of the country’s environment.

6. Costa Rica


The environmentally friendly country of Costa Rica has beautiful waterfalls, natural clean water, dense forests, and an ample wildlife. Despite it being a developing country, it is among the cleanest countries in the world.

5. Mauritius


The beautiful island nation of Mauritius is a well-known tourist paradise. This less populated and friendly country boast breath-taking marine landscape and a hygienic environment.

4. Norway


Norway is blessed with multiple natural resources and oil reserves. The active efforts to minimize the pollution caused by resource extraction makes it a  safe, peaceful, and beautiful country.

3. Switzerland


Switzerland is one of the most scenic countries and ranks third among the cleanest countries in the world. This beautiful country is covered with mountains, lakes, lush green sites, wildlife, and dense forests. The most common mode of transportation of this clean and green nation is bicycle which facilitates to a low-pollution environment.

2. Sweden


Sweden‘s innovative waste-to-energy programme ensures minimal environmental impact from the country’s waste. The recent efforts of the Swedish government for increasing cleanliness and improving health and hygiene of its citizens has secured Sweden the second spot on this list.

1. Iceland


Iceland is a beautiful country with black-sand beaches, geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, and glaciers. It is also the cleanest nation in the world. Clean cities, least air pollution, and a small population full environment-friendly people make Iceland remarkable in terms of cleanliness and beauty.


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