Top 10 Richest Football Clubs In The World

10. AC Milan

AC Milan

Value:  $775 million       Revenue:  $339 million
At #10 Italian Football Club AC Milan with an annual turnover of $343 million, Total Value $856 million.
In 2014, Emirates Airline  renewed its shirt sponsorship deal with AC Milan for an average of $23 million a season over five years.
Last Year:
Value:  $856 million       Revenue:  $343 million

9. Juventus


Value:  $837 million       Revenue:  $379 million
Third Oldest Italian Football Club Juventus is at #9 in List of  Top 10 Richest Football Clubs. Juventus’s annual turnover is $353 million, Club’s Total Value is $850 million.
Juventus extended its sponsorship’s Goodyear and Fiat Group last year and also captured its third-consecutive domestic league title.
Last Year: 
Value:  $850 million       Revenue:  $353 million

8. Liverpool


Value:  $982 million       Revenue:  $415 million
Liverpool Club is at #8th in the List of Top 10 Richest Football Club in the World. with an annual turnover of $415 million and Total Value of $982 million.
Last Year:
Value:  $691 million       Revenue:  $313 million

7. Arsenal


Value:  $1,310 million       Revenue:  $487 million
Another English Club “Arsenal” in the list Richest Football Clubs 2016. Arsenal is 7th Richest Football Club in the World (they were 5th last year). Arsenal’s annual turnover is $487 million and Total Value is $1,310 million.
Arsenal has signed a new five-year kit deal (last year) with Puma kit that will begin with the 2014-15 season and average $51 million a year.
Last Year: 
Value:  $1,330 million       Revenue:  $370 million

6. Chelsea


Value:  $1,370 million       Revenue:  $526 million
#6 Richest Football Clubs 2016: Fulham, London Based English club Chelsea Enjoy #6 with an annual turnover of $526 million, Total Value $1,370 million.
Last Year:
Value:  $868 million       Revenue:  $394 million

5. Manchester City

Manchester City

Value:  $1,380 million       Revenue:  $562 million
With an annual turnover of $562 million Manchester City make his place at #5 in the World. Total Value of Club is $1,380 million. Last Year Manchester City was 9th in the List, so Massive Improvement in their Income.
Last Year:
Value:  $863 million       Revenue:  $411 million

4. Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich

Value:  $2,350 million       Revenue:  $661 million
At #4 is German Football Club Bayern Munich with an annual turnover of $661 million. Club Has Value of $2,350 million. In April 2015, Bayern Munich extended its kit deal with Adidas for 10 years to 2030 for an average of $986 million annually.
Last Years :
Value:  $1,850 million       Revenue:  $561 million

3. Manchester United

Manchester United

Value:  $3,100 million       Revenue:  $211 million
Manchester United signed a record-shattering $1.1 billion, 10-year global sponsorship and licensing deal with Adidas that begins with the 2015-16 season
Red Devils are the 3rd Richest Football Club in the World With an annual turnover of $211 million and Total Value of $3,100 million. they were at #1 last year (2014) ahead of Barcelona, and at the 3rd position earlier 2014.
Last Year:
Value:  $3,600 million       Revenue:  $600 million

2. Barcelona FC

Barcelona FC

Value:  $3,160 million       Revenue:  $657 million
Barcelona and familiarly as Barça is at #2 With an annual turnover of $657 million and Total Value of  $3,160 million.
F.C Barcelona should double the $75 million in combined annual average revenue it gets from its shirt and kit agreements when they are renegotiated within the next three years.
Last Years:
Value:  $3,200 million       Revenue:  $627 million

1. Real Madrid

Real Madrid

Value:  $3,260 million       Revenue:  $746 million
Spanish Club Real Madrid is at #1 position in List of Top 10 Richest Football Clubs in terms of revenue, with an annual turnover of $675 million and Total Value of $3,440 million.
Last Years:
Value:  $3,440 million       Revenue:  $675 million


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